One life. One chance. One more rep.


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Let us help you achieve

Face it - you're out of shape. You're lazy, you know that you're eating junk, and that belly just isn't magically going away. That's ok. That's where we come in and help.

Strength Training

Let's rip and rebuild some muscles! Let's get those legs looking killer - let's sculpt that butt, and turn that 1-pack into a 6-pack!

Cardio Workouts

With a strong cardio program, Asthma magically gets better, you sleep better, and you just feel more energized and ready to rock the casbah!

Nutritional Aid

So you work out - good for you. But without an amped-up diet, you're fighting your food. Let's work together to get a food routine that works.

Strength, Speed, Agility, You.

More that just a personal trainer, I see every client on as a family member that I want to see succeed and kick the crud out of life.

Your successes and victories empower others as well

Face it, when you see someone who has lost a lot of weight or just looks great, it gives you a sense of longing for that dedication and drive to make those changes. I want to be the drive that keeps you going, and keep you from making decisions that you know you shouldn't.

I'm also a firm believer in the "Teach a man to fish" method. I want you to not depend on me. I want you to learn the tools and go off and help others. There's a lot of sad people out there.

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What our clients say about us

It seems tacky to toot our own horn, so we'll let some of our clients do that for us. Some are long-term projects, others are fresh off the boat, but one thing is sure - they're getting healthier, and looking better every time we see them.

Alissa Stillinger
I have worked with Shawn for 6 months and have lost a total of 48 pounds and 12 inches. I am close to achieving my goal of going bathing suit shopping without having a panic attack.
Sue Moon
I have been working out with Shawn Hunter since September of 2012. My goal was for my bones to remain stable and they actually got better, I was very pleased.
Kay G and Lois G
Shawn knows how to determine your safe starting line, to judge your appropriate pace, and to work creatively with you in reaching your own predetermined finish line.

You at our gym,
us at your home...

We're all busy as heck, and finding time to come to a gym might not be the optimal solution for you. That's why we offer in-home training programs where we bring the weights, you just need to bring some game. We can also create regimens for the whole family to get involved in.

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A price that fits your needs

Most personal trainers are expensive. We've worked with our rates to try to be as competitive as possible by offering three different options when it comes to personal training.

Online Coaching
$119/ month
Customized Training Plan
Customized Nutrition Program
Phone Consults Weekly
Unlimited Emails
Results Guaranteed
Madness Boot Camp
$125/ month
Class two days a week
Customized Nutrition Program
Unlimited Emails
Phone Consults
Free T-Shirt
Results Guaranteed
Customized Training
as low as$30per session
Group and one on one sessions weekly
Customized training and nutrition program
Customized cardio program
Unlimited support via phone and email
Grocery Shopping tour
Results Guaranteed